One of Lillie and Lola's favorite part of our vacation to Hilton Head a couple of weeks ago was the time we spent at Lawton Stables. There was a free petting zoo there that we went to three times because they completely fell in love with Callie, the deer. I only brought my camera the first time we went and it was hot and SUPER sunny so I didn't get a single "good" shot but still I am glad I have these for the memories!

These next couple were from my phone on our last day there when they were telling Callie good-bye.

There was also an old mechanical horse that Lola enjoyed sitting on:

And they LOVED getting to ride the ponies:

Lola thought she was pretty hot stuff! Her very animated running commentary was pretty entertaining.

I loved the little stool where they washed their hands after they were done petting the animals.

I also wanted to let you know about my friend, Melaine from My Sweet Savannah who is part of  Jeanne Oliver's CREATIVELY MADE HOME SUMMER SERIES!

In her course she will be showing you videos on how to make fun items for your home out of reclaimed wood, such as signs and picture frames! 
 To sign up for her course click here.
You will need to register and sign in.
The course is only $10!
Here are some other things you may find helpful in signing up: 

To register go to jeanneoliver.ning and register (this part is free).
You will find the mini course along the left hand side of the site under COURSES.
Click on the course you want to register for and pay.
If you don't see the course you are looking for click "view all" under the courses for a complete list of courses.
Be sure to check out all the fun courses being offered!

I love Melaine's whole home. If you haven't ever been over to her blog you need to check it out. Her workspace is amazing! You have to see the studio her husband built for her!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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