For Lillie and Lola's new room I thought I would go a little out of my comfort zone and do something a bit brighter than my normal taste. They both want a bright pink room so I am going to do my best to make it as bright as I can bear for them. I ordered this Birds in Paradise wallpaper from here. (The piece shown in these photos was the sample one they sent that's why there are the folds in it). I originally was planning on wallpapering their whole room but could not find an inexpensive wallpaper that had the bright colors they wanted that I still loved. This was the most affordable option I found but it was still considerably more than I had hoped to spend so I ended up deciding to just do the wall where their headboards will be (like how we had it in our guest room a few years ago before it turned into Lola's nursery. That paper was only $8 a roll when I purchased it).

Right now it's a pretty basic squarish room with dark wood trim and a cream paint color. The first project will be to paint the trim white and then the walls most likely a very pale blueish color. Then the paper will go up on the feature wall. I am planning on removing the light pink trim from their current bolster pillows and adding this blue and hot pink trim and then using this fun pink and white fabric to make two 18" pillows to replace their current silhouette ones.

Then I am planning on painting their dressers pink - yes, pink - ahhh! And I'd also like to paint the birdcage that we've had out on our porch a bright pink and if it fits move the blue armoire from the porch into their room as well. I will repurpose it a bit so that it can hold clothing and give them a little more closet space seeing how they will be sharing a room. Then I'm thinking about making a fabric slipcover for their headboards. And then lastly because there are wood floors (yay!) we are going to need to get them some kind of rug. If I can get away with the 5 by 8  size and can get it on sale I think I am going to go with this one from Pottery Barn Kids:

I cannot wait to get started!

Update: I actually ended up making the pillows when I needed a little packing break and just got them photographed so thought I would add that into this post:

I also wanted to welcome back Amber from Kylie Bryn Designs:

Be sure to check out her lovely Etsy shop!


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