Okay, so let me just first give a disclaimer: Jason's kitchen in NOT done and these are all cell phone photos. Also we are trying to keep costs as low as possible so some of my design plans got scratched (like the hood above the stove and open shelving). Seeing how I won't be back up there until July to finish it up I thought I would at least show you what we've done so far. And then after we finish everything up this summer I will do a full post with real photos and a detailed product list as well as a cost breakdown for you all.

 Here is what it looked like that first week. (There wasn't a fridge so that was purchased immediately before we began working on anything else so Jason could eat.)

Next came the new stove and dishwasher and off came the counters. We originally left the microwave there because we had planned on taking it down once we were going to add the hood. However, to keep our costs down we ended up nixing the hood =(. 

Then the counters and new faucet were installed.
Once we changed the hood plan and decided to just switch out the microwave I tried to take it down myself which was not such a great idea and I ended up having to yell for some help! =)

Once that was down it was time to start priming and then painting. (I'll include all of the paint details when I do my full post, but as far as colors go we used BM's Simply White on the trim and cabinets and Revere Pewter on the walls.)

And here was how it was when I had to stop to return back home. We got the cabinets painted along with some of the walls and trim work but then ran out of time. So, here's what we have left to do: replace all the hardware with oil rubbed bronze (as you can see we tried out a few to see how it looked but didn't finish) replace the off-centered light fixture, add some roman shades, add beadboard to the island and finish it off, replace the flooring with wood, finish painting the back wall and trim (which you can't see in any of these photos), and then have fun accessorizing!

Well, that's it for now! I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday. I can't believe Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us! 


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