I was thinking about repainting the hutch this spring a more neutral color but then we decided to put our house on the market. Because I had a ton of cleaning to do indoors in a very short amount of time (our poor garage and closets were disasters), I ended up just cleaning off the porch and adding some plants and a few of the items from last spring one afternoon right before we left for NH. I figured if we weren't able to sell our house I would still have plenty of time once we got back to paint the hutch and change things up a little. However, we got an offer while we were gone last week so our house is officially under contract! (For those of you who have asked: yes, we are staying in Williamsburg, and no, we don't know where exactly we are moving yet. I suppose we 'd better get moving on that...) Obviously there are still quite a few steps before our closing but we are excited so far! Because of that I will be slowly starting to pack up everything and therefore won't be making any changes out here on this porch. Here it is how it looks right now though:

 I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


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