About a month ago I mentioned that Dear Lillie had finally moved into a permanent location and seeing how later this month I am going to finally be starting some projects there I thought I would share some photos with you! Jason is living in the two bedroom house and to the right you can see part of a structure that now contains our main office. (I took this from inside my car out on the road so it's really blurry). I can't wait to paint the front door.

Here is partial shot of the main room in that space the day we started moving stuff over. (Sorry - all of these photos were taken with my phone in a hurry with Lola and Lillie scurrying around so they are pretty poor quality but at least you can get a general feel).

And here are some photos of the interior of the house! We plan on decorating this house with a slightly more masculine, modern feel to it seeing how most of the time it will be just Jason living here, although the girls and I will certainly be making our presence known especially in the summer. =) Here is a shot of the kitchen. We've already started working on updating it. The plan is to paint all of the cabinetry white and the walls Revere Pewter and replace the main counters as well as the island countertop, and make some changes to the island. We replaced the appliances already (after these photos were taken) and plan on removing the microwave and upper cabinets above the stove and adding a hood and then eventually replacing the floor (the floor will be the last thing we do and it may not be this summer). The design plan is pretty much all figured out and we have already started on some of these projects so I am hoping to have some DURING shots in a couple of weeks and then some AFTER ones this summer for you! For now, though here is a BEFORE shot:

If you were standing in the kitchen where the island is and turned around here is the dining room. In here we will pretty much just be painting the walls (also Revere Pewter which Jason has already done and I will show you hopefully soon) and all the trim (which still needs to be done) and then replacing the light fixture and ripping up the carpet...and then of course adding furniture and accessories. =)

You go through a pair of french doors from the dining room and enter the living room which is probably my favorite room. Lillie was quite disappointed when she learned we were going to be painting the "pink" walls. She liked them just the way they were. =) My dad helped paint them recently and they are now Rockport Gray. I haven't been up to NH since Jason and my dad did any painting so I am excited to see it soon! We still need to paint the trim in here as well and I am thinking about painting the french doors black...

Seeing how Jason is a boy we are going to be putting his TV above the fireplace instead of a pretty mirror. =) In fact, he's already attached it to the wall. =)

And here is the main bedroom which we will definitely be redecorating in whites, blacks, grays and wood tones.

And this will be the guest room (otherwise known as Lillie and Lola's room). I have a pretty good idea what I want to do in here and it involves some board and batten and wallpaper and lots of pink but I am not sure I have him won over to that idea just yet.

And here is a little room that kind of passes from the kitchen the where the two bedrooms are. We will probably turn this into a little home office and add a daybed so I will have somewhere to stay. =)

Another feature that will definitely be going (but of course Lillie and Lola think is fun):

And here you can see the destruction I caused and left Jason with when I started trying out paint colors:

I can't wait to start having lots of projects and before and afters to share with you all soon!


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