Lola's room was the easiest to add some autumn touches too. The color scheme of her room makes it simple to add pretty much any seasonal elements to it without worrying about things clashing. For her room I used the wheat wreath by Meagan, some white pumpkins, fresh hydrangeas, some feathers, a tall bundle of branches and our give thanks pillow.

Here's the little swing from her birthday party:

On the other side of her room I just added a wreath I got at Pier 1 several years ago and a faux white pumpkin on top and a real one on the shelf (the ones on the dresser are both real).

Michelle was so sweet and sent us this miniature carriage!

It's almost identical to the one I got Lillie at an antique mall several years ago and have shown here on the blog several times including this photo of Lillie:

And in Jamie and Josh's pregnancy announcement  photos:

After I was done taking my photos I realized it was a little too busy looking so I removed one of the pumpkins and I do think it looks better.  I wasn't about to retake all the photos, though! Haha!

We had planned on listing some stockings tonight but I haven't finished editing the photos. Hopefully we will have them ready to go at some point tomorrow. 

Also, we wanted to congratulate Pam on being the winner of our Custom Wreaths by Meagan Giveaway:
 Meagan will be in touch with you to finalize the details!

I hope you all are enjoying October so far!


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