I thought I would show you another little vignette from my parent's house. To be honest I can't take much credit for this one. My mom had it pretty much all put together when I got there and I just played around with it a teeny tiny bit by adding the ladder and the artwork of my grandfather. Also, I played around with the leaves for a bit but they competed with the hydrangeas and were just way too bright so we went back to the branches (shown a few photos down).

This is my mom's dad, my grandfather, and was done back in 1940 like the one of my great uncle that I showed you the other day that's on my parent's mantel.

I LOVE this basket with dried hydrangeas my mom had put here!

The table is from Collections at Laurel and Grove in Peterborough, NH and most of the accessories were items my parents already had.

I love how the greenish undertones of the clock are also in the hydrangeas and the picture of my grandfather!

We also wanted to let you know we stocked our first batch of drummer boy cutouts for this season:

And we have a discounted batch of white drummer boy pillow covers also just listed:

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!


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