A few weeks ago I showed you the farmhouse table I built for our dining room and a few days after that our fall decorating in that room. Although I was pretty excited about the table, I was not a fan of my autumn decor in that room. It was a little dark and drab looking. It might have been fine for November, but just seemed too dreary for September or early October, especially seeing how the weather is still so warm here. Last week I finally played around with it and am so much happier with how it looks. The first thing I did was build a bench for one side of the table. It took a little while but was relatively simple. I upholstered the top of it once I built the base and then added some nailhead trim to dress it up a bit. I took photos as I went and as soon as I have time to edit them will do a tutorial. 

Sometimes I feel like things look better in photographs than they do in real life and sometimes I feel like a photograph just doesn't relay the feel of something. In this case, I was disappointed in the photos I took of the dining room and the bench. I think the fabric and trim on the bench add a nice little shine and dress the bench up which helps keep the room from getting too rustic but it's hard to really see in these pictures. 

After I finished the bench I felt like the table needed a runner so Lillie and I made a new runner. It's basically the same as the one we had on our old table but a little bit narrower and quite a bit longer. The one from the last table didn't fit on this one. And then after that we added some fresh hydrangeas and white pumpkins to the table and sideboard. I like it so much better in here now!

I also wanted to let you know our Joy to the World pillow covers in Cranberry are now available!

I hope you all have a lovely week!


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