Can you believe September is here? I hope you all are having a lovely labor day weekend! We've been pretty busy here changing things out for autumn and moving our dining room table out to the porch (after a not so fun time of stripping, sanding and repainting it - ugh!) and then building a new table for our dining room. I hopefully will have some time to take some photos soon of both the table and our fall accents. Right now it's not a whole lot different than last year so I am hoping I'll be able to get some things at the Farmer's Market today to help mix it up a bit. Also, we have officially been doing these monthly downloads for a year now. Here is September's from last year. I won't be doing new ones this year but I do plan on doing some seasonal ones. I just finished up the one for fall that I will share this coming week once I've printed and framed it.

Just click here or on the image below and it will bring you to the PDF file that you can download for FREE and then print at whatever size you would like!
Each month we donate a portion of each sale on our website a family/cause/organization in need. This month we will be donating to the Johnsons, a beautiful family from Sugar Land, Texas, who have just suffered an unthinkable tragedy. A few weeks ago, Pearlette Johnson and four of her and her husband's six children were traveling to Utah to pick up a missionary when they suffered a severe car accident on the interstate. The two youngest daughters, Tristen and Madeline, passed away on the scene. The third youngest daughter, Maegan, has been in critical condition ever since.Their cousins, Heather and Crystal, set up a website and held an online action last month to help with medical and flight-for-life expenses. Our hearts and prayers go out to this family.


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