It has been a rather crazy week. I still haven't finished my fall decorating but I did take a bunch of photos of the dining room, living room and porch right before Lola and I left to head out of town yesterday. Honestly, I'm not happy at all with how the dining room turned out but I figured I would show you how it looks now and I am guessing later this month or at some point in October I am going to switch it up to something I like better once I get some real pumpkins and other things. I think right now it looks a little too busy and dull. I did everything in quite the hurry though because I knew I would be heading to NH to be with my family as my grandfather is in the hospital and not doing very well. I waited to travel until last night, though, because I wanted to make sure I got to see Lillie head off for her first day of school ever! (I posted some of those photos below). First, though, here are a few pictures of our dining room (I'll show the other rooms as I have time):

 Lillie was so excited about her first day and absolutely LOVED it!

She spent most of the afternoon after she got home doing self imposed "homework". Little does she know how much she's going to dread that someday - haha!

Oh and not to leave Lola out here she was on the plane. She carried Lillie's little pretend computer all around the airport and was a little angel baby on both flights. She thought she was pretty grown up! =) Sorry for the blurry phone picture.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!


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