While most of you are probably under the impression that Dear Lillie is primarily a one-man show, rest assured that I do get some help from time to time. Because of this common misconception, I figured it was about time that I introduced you all to everyone on our ever-expanding payroll.

In order of their official hire (but certainly not overall importance)…

Jennifer Holmes
My caption got edited out...

Our Vice-President is more than just a former pretty face now past her prime. In between trips to the spa, she can often be found doing simple arts and crafts or rearranging small objects in her home—then taking 4,000 pictures of the new look. She also enjoys light jogs (on company time!) while her husband raises their two children. On the rare occasions that she does feel moved towards productivity, she designs all of our products and does about 99% of the blog work, but that’s not important.

Jason Crotty
Jenni honestly doesn’t think these shirts would sell (probably because I thought of it).

President? …I know, right? Jenni wanted me to take care of the legal paperwork, so honestly what did she expect to happen? While single-handedly building our establishment from the ground up, I do most of the managerial stuff as well as all of the screen-printing and most other day-to-day tasks. I generally split the emails 50/50 with Jenni just to keep her involved. However, you may have noticed that the ones with my name at the end come back about a week or two earlier than you-know-who's.

Jamie Druke
This makes my neck hurt.

Jamie has earned a bit of a reputation around the office as the first person at work in the morning and the last person to leave a night. That being said, she leaves her house less frequently than anyone I’ve ever met. Good thing we work from her home. If you have ordered a shirt or pillow cover in the last five months and noticed that the packaging seems a little more thoughtful, then you are absolutely correct. Jamie’s chief duty is packaging and shipping small items, and I must say she takes it very seriously. Sometimes I just sit there and watch her take twenty minutes to package one pillow. Her pace is literally amazing.

Jacob Miller
And yet this is even more painful to look at.

Jamie actually escaped being on the receiving end of a few more jokes about her lack of hours worked because our newest hire drastically cut back his hours in order to pursue a more lucrative job as a teaching pro at our local tennis club. Jake’s 2-3 hours each week generally start with lunch break followed by “alright, lets get this done quickly so we can golf,” which I of course never object to. Master of the flash-dryer, Jake eventually intends to head up our sales department, because as I’ve heard, most companies have departments.

We do have a few independent contractors who help us out with the sewing and a few other projects as well, but hopefully this gives you a mildly-accurate picture of how our little operation works. I don’t intend to take another six-month hiatus from posting, but then again Jenni is not always willing to share the spotlight, so who knows…


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