I grew up playing and loving sports. My siblings and I played just about everything, but we always had a special love for basketball and baseball. Both my parents played basketball and my dad was a basketball coach, and then I met and fell in love with Jon so my life will probably continue to revolve around basketball until the day I die. My mom's family has strong baseball ties and we grew up excited about trips to the ballpark and eating hot dogs, cotton candy and ice cream that was served in an upside down plastic baseball hat. There's just something about a warm summer evening that brings back memories of sitting in the stands at a ballpark as the sun set, with my glove on my hand, listening for the crack of the bat and waiting with anticipation for a foul ball to come my way...(and yes, Jon makes great fun of me for the fact that I used to bring my glove to every game... -haha!)

While we were in New Hamsphire this summer, we were headed to a baby shower for one of my cousins over in Vermont and drove by an old baseball field. I immediately fell in love with the old dugouts against the cornfields. The setting was so serene and looked so untouched by time. I found out later my dad used to play on this field when he was younger. A couple weeks later I met my cousin Cathy and her husband, Jason out there with their five little ones and we let them run around and play and I took some photos.

The setting was so beautiful!

I love Abby's expression in this one!

I wanted to get Lola and Benjamin in the pictures too but Lola was NOT cooperating.

She sure did have fun giving poor Auntie Jamie a run for her money though! We couldn't even contain her long enough to tame her crazy hair. =)

Auntie Jamie and Uncle "Dutch" corralling Lola for a moment...

Time to pick up and head home for the night...

I hope you all have a beautiful evening!


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