I have shown you quite a few pictures of my sister, Jamie and her husband Josh's house in the past and have shown you their dining room on several occassions. This summer, they decided to switch things up a bit. They really wanted to move their den to where their dining room was and move the dining room to the den. They thought about the pros and cons of it for a while and then finally decided to give it a go and it turned out to be a fabulous switch! When I got to their house I was so excited to see how great it looked. I am going to show you the dining room today and then will show you their den next week (I haven't ever shown any photos of their den before so I cannot wait to show you those!) For today, though, I am going to show you the dining room.

We went to a new shop while we were antiquing in Peterborough called Collections at Laurel and Grove that is my new favorite little shop! I loved EVERYTHING in there! Jamie got this three tiered piece that I am completely in love with. If she ever gets sick of it I am first in line for it. I had lots of fun styling it.

Fresh hydrangeas from Jamie and Josh's yard:

 This harvest sign is now available in our shop!

The draperies are from IKEA and Josh made the table top! The chairs are from a consignment shop that Jamie painted and recovered. The cups, saucers, and plates are from Pottery Barn's Emma Collection.

I think this will look so pretty in the fall with white pumpkins and gourds filling out some of the tiers.

We are hopefully going to have some of the vinyl silhouettes available later this week!

This side of the room is still kind of temporary. Jamie has some plans for possibly replacing the sideboard on this wall and doing something with the wall to the left of this (which is now empty)that I will show you in more detail when they are done.

We also plan on having some of these embroidery hoops available later this week as well.

About an hour after I took these pictures Jamie and I ended up playing around some more with the layout of the room and ended up moving the table to one side of the room and adding a bench from their bedroom. It's not quite the right size and the back is too low but overall we liked the look of it being different from chairs. Next time I go up to NH we will hopefully be able to get the room more finished and I will take some more photos.

Also wanted to let you all know we just retocked our 12 by 16 Give Thanks pillow covers for the upcoming fall season!

I hope you all have a beautiful week!


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