For several years now I have had the same urn sitting on my dining room sideboard. I LOVE the urn but was starting to get a little bored with it looking the same. I did change it seasonally and for parties (ornaments and lights at Christmas, paper leaves for a thankful tree last fall, Cinderella's slippers for Lillie's birthday, tulips at Easter, etc.) but decided it was time to switch things around a little. I moved the urn to our living room and added this tiered display piece I found at a cute little shop in Peterborough, NH. I got some fresh pears, a little mini rose plant and some fresh herbs at the grocery store to help fill it out for now. I am looking forward to adding some autumn touches to it in a couple of weeks.

I also got this fun little birdcage and planter thing at the same shop!  I originally put them in the dining room when we got home and when I took these photos but yesterday I ended up switching things around a bit more and they are now both in the kitchen area where I think I like them a little better.

You can see the whole room here. Not a whole lot else going on in here right now. I am about to start gearing up for fall and am toying with a few changes for the dining room including stripping the paint off the table (not completely sure I am going to yet) and I've been on the hunt for some new dining room chairs to fix up. The gray ones were $6 and were never very sturdy. I had always planned on them just being temporary until I found the right set. They've worked fine for the last four years but are starting to get pretty wobbly now. I am pondering using a bench on one side, but we'll see...

We've been busy gearing up for the holidays! Today we have our first Christmas pillow covers in the shop! YAY! We will be adding more as they are ready. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!


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