One of the things I think I will miss the most about Moose Mountain (what we started off jokingly calling my parents house years ago and it stuck) will be this tree swing. It has always been a favorite spot of ours and was even where Josh proposed to Jamie several years ago!  Fortunately we have lots and lots of photos of the tree swing, including Jamie and Josh's engagment shots and some of Jamie on her wedding day with us bridesmaids. I wanted to take one final set of photos here before my parents moved and was excited that this year Lillie was actually able to swing on it all by herself! 

Let me apologize in advance for the VERY picture heavy post! =) 
If you have any photography questions just scroll to the bottom!

Okay, enough pictures, Mom!

And what was Lola doing all this time? Just filling her stroller with rocks and dirt!

I took all of these using my new camera. My next post is going to be a Q and A type photography one based on the questions we regularly get asked in e-mails. If you have any photography related questions feel free to ask them in the comment section of this post. I may not directly answer them in the comment section (although I normally do) but will try my best to answer them all in the next post as best I can.


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