I saw some adorable cones on Pinterest. The tutorial for them can be found at Melissa and Kellie's fabulous blog, Icing Designs. Lillie and I had so much fun making them that we thought it would be fun to make some little ice cream sundaes too! We knew they would be perfect for when she and Lola played "Ice Cream Stand".

 Yes, I know, the "I" looks way more an "L" than an "I". Whoops!

And here is the lemonade and puppet theatre now transformed into a Ice Cream Shoppe with just a few sign changes!  And don't worry! This will be my last post with things you can do with the lemonade stand. Yay! (Except for the tutorial post which is almost done.) Poor Lola thinks the ice cream is real! And no, we didn't get a dog. The girls want one desperately and I am sure we will get one at some point, but not yet! =) We took these photos at our friend's home on the river and this is their little dog named Ginger.

Oh no! Lola pulled they cherry off!

Still not real, Lola! =)

Once we were done taking pictures Lillie wanted to head right out on the water.

Sweet KK took Lillie on her first ever jet-ski ride!

She's getting so grown up!

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

P.S. Because I got this post written up so late last night I didn't have time to choose a winner for the Pin It to Win It Contest so you actually have one more day! I will announce the winner tomorrow.


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