Quite a few of you guessed correctly that the lemonade stand we showed on Monday was also a little puppet theatre. I have to say this has turned out to be such a fun project! Along with a puppet theatre and lemonade stand, Lillie has also turned it into a "Doctor's Office" and an "Ice Cream Shoppe". I will show you both of those at some point, but for now here is how it transformed into a puppet theatre. It was really quite simple - we just swapped out the signs (they are all on little nails which makes for super easy switching) and then added a little tension curtain rod and two little curtains and that was it - an instant puppet theatre. I will show you all the full tutorial on how to make the basic frame and then make it go from a lemonade stand to a puppet theatre once I have time to go through all the step by step pictures and write it out. Hopefully at some point in the next few days.

For now though, here are a few pictures of the puppet theatre:

We made little "posters" that said "Starring Lillian Annabel, the World Famous Puppeteer", and one with Lola's picture and name too, and then just popped them in frames from the dollar store.

Because the signs are all interchangeable I could put this one from the lemonade stand back on and just have "Puppet Show" written on the little chalkboard below.

I was very nicely informed that there were no photographs during "conformances" (what Lillie calls performances) so I didn't get any shots of any of the actual shows I have been ever so priveleged to watch...over and over and over.... =) But I did get a couple of Lillie showing me the stars of the show, the puppets. Our sweet little neighbor Chloe let Lillie play with some of her handmade puppets.

We moved the little ottoman over in front of the theatre to provide seating for the "audience". 
I have a feeling our living room is going to be looking like this for a while now.

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And if you didn't see our lemonade pictures Monday here are a couple. 

You can see a ton more lemonade stand pictures by clicking here.

I also wanted to let you all know we have restocked our "Hope is the thing with feathers..." Pillow Covers. They are available both individually and as a set

 Have a beautiful Thursday! And don't forget there's still plenty of time to enter to win one of our growth charts in the post below!


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