After having been sick for a couple of weeks Lola and I are finally feeling so much better! However, thanks to that I am quite behind on blog posts. Don't worry, though, we've been quite busy here the last few days and hopefully will be catching up and back on track soon. I had a post planned for today but wasn't able to get the photos I needed yesterday. Hopefully I can get them today, though and have that post up tomorrow and then I promise I will have the lemonade stand tutorial this week too! And I am also working on another photo editing tutorial that if I can get done I will have this week and if not then at the beginning of next week. I did want to pop in real quickly though to let you know we have a new item in our shop today:


I hope you all have a fabulous Monday! 
Oh and there's one more day to enter our Pin It to Win It Giveaway
We will announce the winner tomorrow!


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