I had been waiting and waiting for months for Quinn and Lindsey's big day and could not wait to take a gazillion pictures. Well, the Wednesday before their wedding I woke up so sick! Ugh - and it lingered for the next couple of weeks. So, the day of the wedding I felt like a zombie and took very few photos. In fact I don't have a single shot of Lindsey and Quinn together! I don't have any at all of Quinn and just a couple closeups of Lindsey holding Lola. I am so disappointed. So, just to warn you there are no beautiful pictures of Lindsey in her gown or their first dance or anything like that. I didn't even take any photos of some of the things I helped with like the menus and programs. When the photographer's photo are up I will try to remember to put a link to them so you can see how beautiful Lindsey was and all of the special touches that were throughout the whole wedding and reception! I did go over to the barn and take a few photos earlier in the day before the wedding so I have a few shots of that and then the rest are mostly of Lillie as I chased her around. =)

The barn doors:

The card and gift table:

Instead of a guest book they had all of these postcards made using photos from their engagement shoot and there was a little mailbox for you to put it in once you filled it out!

This was above the little mailbox/postcard station:

They had a large wall with their parents' and grandparents' wedding photos and this in the center:

One of the grandparent's wedding photos:

On some old shutters and doors they used clothespins to display tons of photos from baby pictures on up through their engagement!

There was a photo booth with lots of fun props that Lillie certainly enjoyed!

She spent most of her time though playing in the dirt...

and checking on the horses.

Little Lola and Mrs. Quinn McDowell

Congratulations Quinn and Lindsey! 
We are so happy for you! 


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