It's funny, neither Jon nor I are really what would be considered "animal people", but both of our girls absolutely love, love, love them! Down in Colonial Williamsburg there are quite a few different pastures with horses. We visit them regularly and Lola is growing to love it as much as Lillie. It's so funny watching her hyperventilate and squeal and wave her arms wildly as we get closer to them. Lillie was like that too when she was a baby. They get so disappointed if we go and they aren't there. Fortunately there are quite a few different places in CW where we can go to find them - some of them just require a much longer walk. =) We often bring apples or carrots for them. Lillie normally ends up eating half of her apple before handing it over.

And here are some old pictures of Lillie with the horses. 
In this one she's just a few months older than Lola is now.

And this was shortly before she turned two:

And this was last year just a couple of weeks before Lola was born.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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