Our little Lola Wren turned one on April 22nd and this past Saturday we had a little party for her. The theme for this party was just kind of a simple mossy/earthy look and I knew I wanted to incorporate a little mini tree swing. I originally had hoped to have kind of a mid summer's night garden party under the tree swing at my parent's house. Unfortunately, as soon as I got to NH I realized the weather was most definitely not going to cooperate. And then I really didn't do as much for the party as I had planned and two of the projects I did do kind of went awry and didn't turn out like I wanted so instead we just kept it really simple. I am pretty sure Lola didn't care. =) Some day I would love to do a little something more with the whole tree swing theme. That was definitely my favorite little feature from this party. 

 We generally try to keep the cost of our parties under $50 so that means using a lot of items and accessories that we already own or making a lot of things. Thanks to the baby's breath poms I went a little over on this one.  I will have a tutorial for those soon (with some tips on what not to do as well - these ones were dried up by the time of the party which was quite disappointing. I wish I had photographed them before - oh well, you learn something new every day, right?) 

I also want to say a big thank you to my family for helping. Even though we kept it pretty simple it still was a lot of work making a little birdhouse, moss wreath, tissue paper flowers, tree swing, cake, cupcakes (two different kinds - poor Lola can't have dairy, wheat, soy or eggs so she had to have a "special" cupcake my mom made just for her), and other desserts and all of the setting up and then cleaning up. And thank you Jamie and Josh for hosting it at your home.

Anyway, here are the photos:
 The straws and little candy cups are from The TomKat Studio.




 The bird house as well as the nest and eggs on the side table and nest pillow are subtle nods to Lorelei Wren's middle name.

You can view some of our other parties here.

And here's a shot of the birthday girl. I will share a few more once I finish going through them. 

 Also, we have restocked our Elizabeth Placemats!

 I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!


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