Just popping in with a few photos. My favorite time to go down to Colonial Williamsburg with the girls is at dusk. I love watching them flit about and seeing all the lanterns glow. Oh how I love this time of year! (I took these photos before we left for New Hampshire but am a bit behind on posting.)


We are on our way back to Williamsburg today and once I get settled in I have about 1200 photos to go through so I should have lots of things to share in the next couple of weeks! We had yucky cold, overcast weather pretty much our whole week in New Hampshire and although we worked on lots of projects I didn't take any photos until Saturday. Like I mentioned though, I did take about 1200 in about 24 hours. Haha! Unfortunately, seeing how I didn't take any until right before we left I haven't had time to go through them. Here's one shot though from Lola's party. This was a little vignette off to the side and the little cupcake on the tree swing was my favorite part of the party! =)

I was inspired by Tradewind Tiara's tree swing that I saw on Pinterest. I can't wait to show you all more pictures as soon as I get settled in. 

Have a fabulous Monday!


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