So, I have pretty much hated our staircase since the day we moved in. I didn't like the mix of orangey wood with the white and I just hung frames we had from our last home going up the stairs. They looked nice in our teeny tiny hallway in our last place but looked so tiny and dull here but I figured I would change them as soon as I could afford the large frames I had in mind for the space. I finally painted the banister and railing last fall and it helped but I still needed to update the frames.

Here it is from a while ago:

And here it is now:

I have to admit I don't really love how they turned out. They are too bold for my taste so I am planning on painting over the boards at some point but for now I think they are at least better than what was there before!  And I can't complain because I made all five for less than cost of one of the large frames I had been wanting to purchase.

I removed the "Lola's Fence" as Lillie calls it for the pictures but this is what the bottom of our staircase actually looks like! I have to admit, baby gates are one of my least favorite items. Not just because they are so unattractive but because they are such a paint to climb over... (I have to admit I feel like it is quite an athletic accomplishment when I successfully make it over with one girl on each hip - haha!)

Also, we finally have our Jane Austen cutouts for sale!

If you are new to our blog you can find our whole Jane Austen inspired party here:

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


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