A little while ago I saw this frame on Pinterest from a really talented Etsy artist, Delta Girl Frames but realized that they were really hard to get your hands on and out of my price range, so I thought I would make my own. The one above was a gift for my sister, Dana a little while ago but didn't want to post until I had given it to her. I recently saw one of my blog friends, Melaine, make something similar as well (love the pattern she used!) so I guess I wasn't the only one with this idea - haha! I have to say although I love the idea, I didn't execute it as well as I had hoped to. I did the chevron way too big. I was going for bold but I made it way too bold. For Dana's I didn't distress it too much because I didn't think that would go as well with the style of her city apartment. (I made some for myself too, and I distressed those a bit more - I will show you them tomorrow and where I put them).

The cool part about these is that it is really easy to change out the photo!

1) First I painted a 24 by 24 inch board gray. 
For Dana's I used London Fog and Ballet White.

2) Then I measured out every six inches and made a little dot with chalk.
 (I wish I had done every three or every four inches instead though).

3). With the chalk I connected the dots to make a chevron pattern.

4) Then I taped it off so that I could paint in every other v of the pattern.

5. Then I just used a roller and painted it in and then removed the painters tape once it was dry and then cleaned up the chalk marks (you can see them before I got rid of the chalk on the upper line here in the picture below).
 6). For mine, I then sanded them down and then rubbed this stain over them.

 6) I hammered in a small nail to hang the frame on.

7). Then I just popped a Dollar Store frame on the nail and hung it on the wall!

And yes, I think the frame looks a little funny there, this is what I actually have above that bench but needed to photograph Dana's frame somewhere, and that was a nice easy spot that already had a hook.

I also wanted to let you know we have restocked our Elizabeth Placemats again:

I hope you have a fabulous Monday! I will be back tomorrow to show you the five I made for our house and where I put them.


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