First, here is another shot of my little princess with her new pigtails. It's amazing how much older she suddenly looks!

 I know I haven't had very many posts with decorating or projects lately but I have been working on some things. I will show you them next week though because a couple of them are gifts so I have been waiting to post pictures of them. And I will have a tutorial for one of them. I also finally started working on some projects for Lola's birthday party - yay! And I am hoping to get started on another furniture project this afternoon, so hopefully next week I will have lots more to share. Here are a couple of peeks at two of the projects I am going to post next week:

Also, we have restocked our Elizabeth Placemat Sets:

 Make sure to come back tomorrow. We are hosting a giveaway that I am SUPER excited about! 
It has a $125 value and is something I personally am in LOVE with!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


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