Since Christmas I have just had some random things over here on this little wall between our family room and kitchen. In early February I moved our little hot chocolate station over here for easier access and so I could decorate in the dining room. I will probably keep it out just another week or two and then once the warmer weather is here for good I will put it away. I think Lillie will be quite disappointed seeing when the chocolate bits are moved and she won't be able to "sneak" any more. I haven't let her in on the fact that if she asks to "sneak" two chocolate chips it kind of makes it not sneaking. =)

I was torn on what to put above here since I moved everything around in the fall. I had a canvas of the girls over here the past month or so but it wasn't the right size. I had a few ideas for something I could make but then when I was cleaning the garage I found an old framed poster and figured I could add some chalkboard paint to it while I was cleaning. And sure enough, by the time the garage was clean I had something new to hang on that little wall! Yay! It will probably be temporary until I can do the larger project I have it mind but for now I really like how it looks. Especially seeing how our other chalkboard wall (you can see the whole post here) is really more for Lillie:

(sorry, phone pics aren't the greatest)

 Anyway, here is the old framed poster that was in the garage. (I had painted the frame a few years ago).

First I taped around the edge and rubbed some sandpaper on the poster in hopes it would flatten out the bubbles and make the paint adhere easier although I doubt it was necessary:

Then my helper rolled on the paint and I trimmed the edges.

Nice and simple and best of all FREE!

I feel like our family room is starting to feel more complete!

We got e-mails asking what we used for our hot cocoa station when we showed it back in January. There are two types of cocoa, marshmallows, white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and vanilla.

 The Bunny Silhouette Pillow Cover in our family room is now for sale in our shop! My sister, Jamie sketched out this adorable bunny for us! I love how it turned out. Perfect for Easter and spring! I also think it would be adorable in a nursery.

The Bunny Silhouette is also available as a paper cutout!

It's available in two different sizes and along with cream, is also available in a variety of pastel colors!

I hope you all have a blessed Thursday!


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