Last year we did a ton of PINK everywhere for Valentine's Day. This year I had planned on doing something completely different, with lots of creams, ivories, tans and book pages. Well, there really hasn't been time to do any of that these past few weeks and to be honest I wasn't really in the mood to do much anyway. So, instead we just added a few simple touches for Valentine's this year.

One of the projects I had planned on doing was making a big coffee filter heart. I really liked the way the cupcake liner L that we made for Lillie's birthday turned out, but it took FOREVER so I thought it would save some time using the coffee filters that I have seen some people use. Well, I didn't make it to the grocery store until last night and I needed them the night before so I could make it and get it photographed yesterday during the daylight. So, I ended up just using folded up white tissue paper because I had a bunch of that on hand. I am not the biggest fan of how it turned out. In fact, I don't really like it much at all but fortunately it was completely free and Lillie loved it - it's pretty easy to impress a three year old with a project - haha! I rushed through doing it (I didn't start it until after midnight and knew I had to finish it before I went to bed because I needed to photorgraph it yesterday) and didn't take the time to properly "fluff" out each tissue. I actually took step by step photos to do a tutorial but I think I will wait and make another one with coffee filters and show the step by step with that. I do want to make another one really soon. I am trying to figure out what shape to do to hang in Lola's window.

And over here we used the LOVE banner and Love Birds cutout from last year.

And then we have the "Love is" pillow set on our sofa. We just restocked them in our shop this morning.

 Okay, so now it's time to LINK UP!

This is our first time hosting a party and we are so excited!
The rules are EASY!

1.) Your post has to be Valentine's related. It can be a project, a party, a gift, or anything else Valentine's related.

2.) Post a permalink. Make sure to link to your actual post, not your blog.
Please only post links to your blog posts, and not shops or advertising links.

3.) Please make sure to link back to the party. You can either use this button

 or include a text link that links back to here:


 We will choose our three favorites and feature them later this week!

Have fun! We can't wait to see all of your projects!
Happy Valentine's Day!


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