There have been a few times these past few weeks where Lillie has actually wanted to let me take her picture (she normally HATES having her photo taken). I was quite excited when she was all smiley for me yesterday afternoon before we headed to the William and Mary game. Unfortunately, she doesn't sit still long enough to get much of a shot but still, it was nice to have her actually smiling. =)

Now, Lola on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with pictures!

A little happier now...
Lola's first tooth officially popped through on Friday and now she wants to eat everything....well, everything except actual food!

Lillie likes to takes pictures now too. She did a pretty good job on the shot but not so much on the focus. =) It was in manual mode, though, so not too bad for a three year old. Lola's wearing the first little outfit we bought for Lillie.

Here is Lillie in the same outfit that Lola's wearing - I can't believe how big she has gotten! (Or me - ahhh! There is no way I could fit in those jeans now - haha!)

I promise I will have some decorating posts soon. I painted one curtain on Friday and got it hung up (that's a picture from my phone below so it's kind of blurry) and I finished painting the other one last night and hope to get it hung after church! I am also finishing up some pillows and then I will take some updated photos of this room.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


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