I had been playing around trying to add a quote to the photo above of our hydrangeas on our back porch and couldn't find anything that seemed right for the new year. Then, I saw this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on Joan's blog with a beautiful photo and thought it would be perfect. What a wonderful quote to start 2012 off with! And here are a few more shots of the hydrangeas.

We have been busy working away here. Lillie and I did a little painting project in the kitchen this afternoon and tomorrow I am hoping to get started on two projects to finish off our master bedroom. Actually I am kind of dreading one of them but I know once it is done I will be so glad I did it. And then this weekend I am hoping to pain a large piece of furniture for the tiny little hallway at the top of our stairs. It is one of the few places in our home that I have never really done anything with. I found the perfect piece at a consignment shop yesterday but wanted to come home and measure first to make sure it would fit. It's going to be a TIGHT squeeze but it should work so I am excited to go back tomorrow and get it. I hope it's still there! And I have been on the hunt for some chairs to fix up and a storage piece for our entryway. No luck with those yet, though. I really want to have all this done in the next ten days but not so sure that is going to happen. =) 

We are starting to get our Valentine's inventory ready to sell. We won't be doing any clothing this year, but will be offering several home items over the next few weeks as we finish them up. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! I will be back tomorrow with TWO free downloads!


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