About a month or so ago Jason did his November post with his "Christmas Card" photo. After several concerned texts about Lorelei's dangerous perch we mentioned in the next post that we would show you all what the photos really looked like pre-photoshop. Of course, things got busy and I forgot all about it until now. I was hoping to do a different post but I don't have time so for now this will have to do. We go home safe and sound yesterday afternoon but it has been quite crazy trying to get unpacked and organized. I forgot how disastrous the house can get when trying to unpack, especially when you have two little helpers.  Fortunately we are just about done and so hopefully by tonight life can resume back to at least somewhat normal.

So, in the meantime, here is the original shot of Lola balanced on top of Jason's Jeep. As you can see, he is holding her nice and securely. It wasn't the best shot of her. It would have been a little easier to work with if her arms had been positioned a bit differently but it was all I had so we made it work.

I removed Jason's hands and the repositioned her arms and cloned in some areas on her shirt. To be honest, that part did take quite a bit of time to get it to look somewhat natural. Then once she was done we found a few pictures that Jason liked and just plopped her in them. After that I just added Florabella's Tea Time action (and a lens flare to the last two), and that was it!

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve!


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