Whew! What a weekend. I had been so stressed towards the end of last week because I had to take a ton photos for a big project we have coming up soon (which I hope to tell you about in January) and had not been able to take a single one because I was so behind on so many other things. I normally can get a decent amount done when Lillie and Lola are napping and after they are in bed but I had bit off more than I could chew last week. By Friday I was feeling quite overwhelmed.  Dana finished packing up her U-Haul (she moved on Saturday, much to Lillie's distress), and came over Friday and was a huge help and then on Saturday "Miss Coach Shaver" watched Lillie for the afternoon and some sweet girls watched Lola and I was able to get just about all the shots I needed taken. I owe them all a huge thank you! Then yesterday the girls and I traveled to New Hampshire. Flying alone with two little ones is always an adventure, needless to say! So, I have to say I am glad the weekend is over and it is now Monday.

I will be sharing lots of pictures of the Christmas decorating that is finished so far tomorrow as part of Jennifer Rizzo's Virtual Christmas House Walk, but today I wanted to share with you all the tree in our living room and two of my new favorite Etsy shops!

First, is City Farmhouse. I absolutely fell in LOVE with these ornaments that Jen makes. They are rustic yet still so elegant. She sent me four and I just ordered another one yesterday I love them so much! Jen is so talented and not only are her ornaments beautiful, I was incredibly impressed with the quality, attention to detail and her lovely packaging!

My favorite thing about these ornaments is that she can personalize them for you. When Jon was growing up his grandmother made ornaments for him for each of the different basketball teams he played on (all the way through college and even the two teams he played on in Europe). I know that Jon puts up with a lot of my crazy decorating (since Lillie's party he has to duck his head every time he goes from the dining room to the kitchen to keep from getting poked by dangling branches and probably will have to until January when I finally take them down) so I wanted to do something that would be special for him yet still go with our decor so three of the ornaments have the names of the schools he has coached at with the some other significance from that place. This one says "Tribe" and "CW".

I am also incredibly excited about these ornaments from Kate and Co Designs. Katie just recently opened her Etsy shop and I am in love with both of the items she is currently selling. These ruffly flower balls go perfectly on our tree. Lillie loves them too! They are like soft snowballs.


If you have a minute I highly recommend checking out both of those lovely shops!

We kept the rest of the tree pretty simple and just added some printouts of Luke 2

and some Drummer Boy silhouettes.

It still needs some finishing touches but that will have to wait until I am back home. 

I also wanted to let you all know that we have a new color Reagan Pillow now in stock!

And we also have restocked this color as well! Please note that the wooden buttons on this batch are slightly different than the last batch we sold. We looked high and low for more of the original buttons we used but had no luck so had to go with something a tiny bit different.

And we are also having a little promotion this week:

I hope you all had a blessed weekend and have a lovely Monday! See you tomorrow for a tour of our home decorated for Christmas.


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