The girls and I are back from a fun week in New Hampshire. We actually laid pretty low and didn't do a whole lot, but we did do quite a bit of decorating. I didn't take many "people" pictures this time (although I did take a few from our trip to the farmstand to get Dana a Christmas tree which I will post once I get them on the computer if any of them came out okay) but I took tons and tons of photos of Jamie and Josh's house. I have to admit I always get a little jealous when I am at their place. They did such a beautiful job building it and they have found so many wonderful pieces to fill it with.

Jamie and Josh got their tree before the girls and I arrived last weekend and got it decorated but then Jamie pretty much let me have free reign over most of the other decorating. In the past they haven't incorporated any red but this year Jamie wanted to start adding it in. They didn't want to spend much money, though, so this year we just started with some subtle red additions. First, Jamie bought a vintage grainsack and cut it up and made four pillows for her sofas with it. Then she bought two yards of a red ticking strip fabric which she used to tie her sheet music rolls on the tree with and to hang wreaths, and make placemats for the dining room with.  Other than that we pretty much used things they already had mixed with some fresh greenery from the woods and some gorgeous paperwhites that Jamie had planted as bulbs a few weeks ago.

Anyway, here are lots and lots of photos of their living room:

The mirror is from a store that used to be in Peterborough, NH called Red Chair Antiques. 
The sconces are from Restoration Hardware.

I love the stockings my mom made for them.

This basket for firewood is from Target.

Not sure where these boxes are from but they hold newspaper and other things they use for the fireplace like little dustpans and matches. 

The side table and lamp are both from White Home Collection in Wilton, NH.

The chandelier and curtains are from Ballard Designs and the wallcolor is Sparrow by Benjamin Moore.

And here is the room all lit up at night.

Mimi and rosy-cheeked little Lola snuggling up by the fire. 

 I have lots more photos of the rest of their home to share hopefully as the week goes on. I am just a wee bit behind on things, though (to say the least), after being gone all last week. I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

Oh and I will be back tomorrow to announce the winner of the Silent Night/Holy Night Set!


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