As I mentioned last week I have a little download for one of my favorite Psalms. I printed one out and added it to my buffet yesterday and updated my branches for Thanksgiving. Although I am starting on Christmas early this year, don't worry, I am not skipping entirely over Thanksgiving.

I didn't love how the printout looked just on the little easel so I tried to frame it.
I didn't really love that either. Oh well.

Although I wasn't happy with how the printout looked, I did like how my little hanging leaves turned out. I saw this idea for a Thankful Tree over at Emily Rose's blog and thought it was such a great idea. 
I modified it a bit to work with my decor. 

On each leaf I wrote something that I am thankful for.

Some of the first ones I did were Jonathan Reid, Lillian Annabel and our little Lorelei Wren. 

I used a photo of a real maple leaf to trace in Illustrator. 
You can fit three to a page and then print them out and cut along the lines. 
You should be able to open this in another window and print if you would like. 

I am not as happy with this download. The font the words joyful, gladness, thanksgiving and good is a bit more playful than my usual taste. I had planned to play around with it some more but seeing how it has been almost a week and I still haven't gotten to it I figured I would just go ahead and upload it as is. If you click here or on the picture below it will bring you to the free download.
If you missed our free November download just click here or on the photo below.

We are also happy to say that our Briar Hat is Cream is now available again!

Dana is busy knitting more colors and my mom, Jamie and Renete are all busy sewing like crazy. And Jason and I are working until the wee hours every night.  We hope to have a new Christmas pillow available tomorrow (I just need to photograph it during nap time this afternoon and then sew in all the labels) and hopefully a few more items later this week!

Also today officially marks the beginning of extra-craziness here! William and Mary opens at St. John's tonight. We are so excited! And the game is on TV (ESPNU for any of you that want to watch), so even though it us up in New York we still will get to watch it. Lillie is quite excited to look for her Daddy and all of her boyfriends on TV tonight.

Go TRIBE!!!!

I hope you all have a blessed Monday!

P.S. And don't forget there is still time to enter the Icing Designs giveaway below!


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