I have been kind of torn on the direction I want to go this year for our Christmas decorating. In the past I have always been torn between a few different styles. I love having everything rustic and handmade looking, but I also love a very crisp clean look with just lots of fresh greenery, and I love fresh greenery mixed with lots of whites and silvers and pewter and mercury glass. Over the last several years I have gone in each of those directions and have been having a hard time this year picking one. So, I decided I think I am going to mix them a little. In our family room, and possibly kitchen, where we spend most of the time I am going to go a little more cozy, rustic and handmade looking. Upstairs I am going to go with a more elegant yet simple look with fresh greenery and a little sparkle and then probably something in between for the dining room and living room. I am just hoping it doesn't look disjointed and will flow together okay. Anyway, I started with the family room. Because we are really watching our budget this year I had to figure out a creative way to fill up our tree without spending much money. The other day it came to me. I was going to print out a bunch of our family photos onto cardstock and just hang them from the tree. I take tons and tons of pictures but rarely ever display them so this seemed like a great idea. I was so excited and thought it was quite creative. Well, a few days later I saw the same idea on pinterest and then once I saw it started noticing it everywhere. Haha - I guess it was  not so creative after all. Oh well! Even if it wasn't the oh-so-original idea I thought it was, it was super easy and extremely cheap and helped fill up the tree! I even have quite a few extra that I have some plans for.

These little mittens add a cozy little touch:

 I was able to print 8 photos onto each 12 by 12 sheet of textured cardstock. I printed 7 sheets. They were having a sale at JoAnn's for 5 sheets for 95 cents. So, I was able to get over 50 ornaments for less than $1.50! I am planning on making a "fancier" version of these for either our dining room or living room and will do a tutorial for those - possibly later this week but if not then I should be able to next week.

Lillie loves finding the pictures of herself, Lola, us, and the rest of our families!

And I love adding feathers to the tree for some added texture.

I also switched out the photos of the girls about the chairs for the Silent Night lyrics and The First Noel lyrics that I had up there last year.

Also, have Joy to the World placemat sets available now!

They will come in packs of four and will be available in sets of red and sets of black.

You can even roll them up and use them as napkins!

And we also will have our women's Joy to the World thermals available later today as well!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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