It has been a busy stretch of days here with our family in town and our Dear Lillie sale going on. We have had so much fun with my parents and siblings and I thought I would share a few photos from the last few days. I was so excited to finally get a few shots of Lola and I. I only have a couple of us together since she was born seeing how I am normally the one taking them. My poor little munchkin has been quite sick the last two days but hopefully will start feeling better soon. 

Anyway, here we are on Thanksgiving.

 And a shot of Jon and I with the girls.

Jon and Lola

The little princess having a donut for breakfast Thursday morning.

And here she is with Mimi

Jason and Jamie smothering her =)

Josh, Jason, Jamie and Dana on Thursday

On Friday, we took the girls to see Santa in New Town. I didn't really get any good shots of Lola with him but I like how she is eyeing him in this one! Haha! She was quite content sitting on his lap but for the third year in a row Lillie was scared of him and wouldn't go near him. It is kind of funny because she isn't scared of much (we were at Busch Gardens last night and she was begging to go on the huge roller coaster) but she is scared to death of Santa for some reason.

And then after our visit to see Santa we headed down to Colonial Williamsburg for a picnic in front of the Governor's Palace. The weather was beautiful! Here is Lillie being swung in the air by Jamie and Dana.

And here is Dana, Lillie, Jamie, Mimi and Lola

And here is Lillie and Papa. As you can see from her knees, she had quite a bit of fun playing in the grass.

And then last night we took the girls to Christmastown at Busch Gardens. I have been wanting to go for the past three years and am so glad we finally decided to do it. I think it was the most fun I have ever seen Lillie have. She walked around completely wide eyed and just kept saying the funniest and sweetest things. At one point when we were all sitting down and eating S'mores she looked up at Dana and I completely unprompted and said, "This is a dream come true!" I think we all melted. And then a little while later she and Jamie were checking out some of the lights and she leaned in and told Jamie the same thing. Her favorites were the train ride and penguins and she was completely enthralled by the ballet performance. I didn't bring my real camera in but here's an iPhone shot of Lola and I all bundled up.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday weekend as well! 
I will be back tomorrow with pictures from Lillie's birthday party. Here's a little peek:

Oh and don't forget, there is still time to take advantage of our sale!

Have a blessed Sunday!


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