I don't know about you all, but I have a serious addiction. In my opinion it is one of the best ideas EVER! I was one of those strange people who had huge three ring binders full of pages I had ripped out of magazines. I had seven (yes, seven!) total binders and they were each at least two inches thick, and every last one of them was jam packed full of images from wedding ideas, to crafts to home design. As much as I loved having everything neatly organized once I had Lillie and then Dear Lillie started I never had time to add to those binders. In fact, I think it has been well over three years since I had actually filed anything in them. I had ripped images out of magazines since then, of course, but had just stuffed them in folders or drawers figuring maybe someday I would have time to file them. So, when I discovered pinterest this past spring I fell madly in love! I could finally have everything organized again but it was going to be a million times easier and quicker. Along with adding new pins daily to my own account, it is also fun seeing items from our blog and shop being pinned too! Anyway, I thought I would share a few of my favorite images and ideas that I have pinned over the last several months. 

First is this gorgeous shot of Marilyn's home that was featured as a Cottage of the Month this May 
at The Old Painted Cottage. I am in love with every single thing in this room!

This mudroom is amazing (and about as big as our whole downstairs!) Look at that ceiling!

I really want to make some of these adorable stars like Aina of Modern Country for our tree this year.

I am drooling looking at this recipe by The Girl Who Ate Everything! I want to try this soon!

Even though it has been five years since Jon and I got married I still LOVE looking at wedding ideas. This cake (photographed by Jen Huang) is so charming! 

And this reception that was featured on Style Me Pretty is stunning!

So, if somehow you don't know about Pinterest I highly recommend heading on over and checking it out. I think you will fall in love too!

Also, we were gone all weekend at a basketball tournament in Lynchburg and got home late last night so I am terribly behind on e-mails. I will start working on them this afternoon during nap time, though! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Can you believe Thanksgiving is just three days away?

P.S. Also we should have one more batch of the Ruffled Burlap Stockings and Quilted Burlap Stockings available later today. After that, I am not sure we will have time to get any more done because we are working on several more large batches of pillows.

P.P.S. And I almost forgot! Here are the two winners of our Joy to the World Pillow Cover Giveaway!
First up:

Congratulations to Jenna!

 And now for winner two:

Congratulations Jessica!

Just send us and e-mail to dearlillie@hotmail.com with your shipping address ladies and we will get those shipped right on out to you! If we haven't heard anything in 3 days we will pick another winner!

Thank you all for entering! We have more giveaways planned for the holiday season including one hopefully later this week!


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