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So, I thought I would show you all a fun little project Lillie and I did last week. I was trying to find an easy fall project we could do and found this idea on the Family Fun website. First we went out and collected a whole bunch of leaves, then just got some paper, glue, and a marker and got to work. I figured she would enjoy it because she loves anything crafty but didn't realize she was going to spend all day doing it! I think it was probably one of her favorite projects to date.

I knew the time had come to start displaying some of her work.  Our fridge is not really the ideal spot in our house for that and we don't have room anywhere for a bulletin board (which is what I would prefer to do) so I decided to hang some twine from the curtain rod and use clothes pins to hang some of the artwork. I think this idea would look really cute in a playroom but seeing how we don't have one I put it up in our kitchen.

I didn't do much for autumn in our kitchen. Just a few tiny little touches. I am done with our family room though so will try to post photos of that soon. The last space I am still working on is our dining room. I just can't seem to get it right.  Once I do I will post pictures of that too. 

 And now, I am SUPER excited to announce the winner of our last giveaway.

We use to pick our winners so it is always a surprise to me after I take a screenshot of the number picked, to scroll down and see who it was that won. Well, this time I scrolled down and saw this name:

Allison is one of the sweetest people I have met through Dear Lillie. She is a wonderful  customer and always writes us the most thoughtful notes and leaves the kindest comments that absolutely make my day. So needless to say I was quite excited to see that she won! Congratulations, Allison!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

PS - Our Briar Hats in Chocolate will be available at noon today!


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