Whew! I am cramming a lot into one post - sorry! Well, I finally got my living room completely decorated for fall. I am still playing around a bit with the other rooms but I will show you those once they are finally finished. The best part of this room was that the only thing I bought was the fabric for the flannel pillows. I already had everything else.

Here are some shots from our living room:

(Yes, the pumpkins are fake...for now. I have lived in the south for ten years now and learned early on that it was a complete waste to buy too many real pumpkins in September. They end up rotting in a week. So, now I have a bunch of faux ones that I use to start with and then once it gets later into the fall I try to replace them all with the real deal, which I much prefer! I did buy some squash and gourds at the farmers market two weeks ago, that I am using out on the porch, but that is it so far for real stuff).

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If you would like the free download to print you can either right click and save this JPG or go to our website and download the PDF version (which will print much more crisply). It is FREE! Just ignore where it says it is 1 cent. The way our website it set up it won't let us list anything for free but if you just click the download button it will bypass the checkout option and will let you download it and you will not be charged anything. 

Okay and finally it is time for another giveaway! We just listed a batch of the Give Thanks pillow covers in our shop. We will not be printing any more in this size! Once they are sold out that will be it until next fall. We should have them available in the 12 by 16 size at some point in the next few weeks but then after that we will be just focusing on our Christmas pillows.

We pulled one aside, though, to give away here on our blog:

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