One of the first things we did when we got back home from being gone most of the summer was personalize Lola Wren's room a bit. When I last showed you all the nursery she hadn't arrived yet so the frames all had photos of Lillie in them. Once we got back I switched all of those out for pictures of Lorelei and added a few other touches to make it "her" room. 

I can't wait until Lola is a little bigger and she can wear this hat like Lillie did.

Her little bunny is wearing her tiny little newborn version of the Lorelei tutu.

And of course the best thing that has been added to her nursery is Miss Lorelei herself! 
(Well, actually she's still so tiny and Jason has been hogging her room these past couple of weeks so she's sleeping in her bassinet, but in a few more weeks she will be moving into her crib.)

And now I want to introduce you to our first sponsor:

Poppy Row is a family business, run by Britt and her mother Sandy. They sell beautiful hair pieces several of which I am eyeing for Lillie and Lola. Here is a little bit of what they have to say about their creations:

We have been selling our colorful handmade floral headbands and hats for babies, women and children since the summer of 2010. Together, we each bring a little of our personal style to our products – designs which combine the best of thoughtful construction and spontaneous beauty!

Our accessories are sophisticated and novel, created for the satisfaction and pleasure of the confident lady whether she's 1 or 100, crafted with a delicious mix of difference and vintage charm. When we begin designing, we are attracted to fresh combinations of color, shape and fabric texture. We often think back to the bold, luxurious, feminine designs of the Roaring 20s, and to the bright, charming, joy-inspiring accessories of the 1960s.

We take great pride in our work, and know that you'll love how that pride shows in our products. We are proud always to pay loving attention to every detail, from the specific combination of blooms and rhinestones to the soft organic comfort of headband edges.

Our products are inspired by the fashion sense and confident beauty of our daughters, sisters and friends, and we hope they will bring the same joy to you, our customers, too.

We are so excited to have them! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from their shop:

I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!


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