This past winter Jamie suggested that we have a Jane Austen themed book party this summer while the girls and I were up in New Hampshire. We also planned on having a tiny little party to celebrate Jamie's 25th birthday. Well, it turned out that trying to do projects for two parties in the midst of everything else this summer was completely impossible so instead we decided to combine the two and have Jamie's little birthday party with a Jane Austen/book theme.  We have only had a couple of days this summer where Lillie and Lola cooperated and took naps at the same time, which has made it very difficult to get all of the projects we had planned done. I guess I was a bit delusional in my grand plans for projects this summer.

We all are a bit strange in our family and as much as we love to make things and decorate for a party we don't necessarily like to have an actual party. I am guessing most people are the opposite and like to go to or host parties but don't enjoy all of the preparation. So, for the party we had a ton of fun decorating for it but just had us girls and our mom for it. As I discovered when I tried to take photos of Jamie's and Josh's  guest room, it is really hard to get good shots in the upstairs of their house in the afternoon. These all ended up horribly shadowy and a bit blurry - sorry! 

We set everything up in Jamie's studio/office. Actually Jamie did most of the setup herself. I can't wait for you all to see this whole room. Jamie is planning on doing a post soon with pictures of the rest of the space. It is amazing!!! I am completely and ridiculously jealous. 

By using things Jamie already had we were able to spend only the tiniest amount on this whole party. I think all we bought for it were the candles on the cake, some thin black satin ribbon for the banner, the white meringue cookies and some cardstock. Unless I am forgetting something I think we spent less than $15 for the whole party! We even saved on flowers by just picking some Queen Anne's Lace from the field.

We will have a tutorial soon for the banner and the mini books, and we plan on selling both cardstock and vinyl silhouette cutouts in our shop when we reopen.

And here is a photo of the beautiful birthday girl with Miss Lillabel. And yes, she is in her wedding dress... There is a reason though. =) We have been trying to reshoot many of our products, including some of the tutus, but even though Lillie loves wearing her tutus (in fact she often requests to wear them) she does not like me taking pictures. We thought that if Jamie put on her wedding gown and was in some of the photos with Lillie, Lillie might get a bit more into it but it didn't quite work out as well as we hoped. =) If the weather isn't too hot we will probably try again tonight and hopefully have some better luck.

To view all of our parties, please visit our new parties page!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week so far!


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