***As usual Jason's post requires a bit of a disclaimer. I would like it to be noted that except for when he took Lillie to see a movie I don't think he has ever been in charge of either child and that even while I was editing these photos for him I was bouncing a fussy Lola on my lap while he sat on the couch behind me doing absolutely nothing.*****

The advent of July brings a number of things along with it. Some of these are good, of course—like warmer weather, trips to the beach, and a handful of major sporting events. Unfortunately, July also carries a few undesirable traits. For instance, it marks the point in the golf season when it is really too late to blame your inferior swing on “rust.” It also means that you will be bombarded with “back to school” advertisements every time you visit a local retailer. However, for those of us on Moose Mountain, there is one event that occurs every July with qualities on both ends of the spectrum—the annual Holmes family descent upon our once-quiet habitat.

The first day or two of Jenni’s month-long, responsibility-free vacation is always filled with excitement over her arrival. Actually, the enthusiasm has much more to do with Lillie’s (and now Lola’s) arrival than Jenni’s, but I’m sure you already guessed that. Essentially, we all wait with bated breath to see what new things Lillie can do (at what age will this stop?), claim rights to certain activities with her, or buy her needless trinkets in hopes of become her favorite relative.

However, reality soon sets in, as each family member gradually realizes that they might be in charge of raising Lillie and Lola while their mother is off rearranging new mantels, painting fake branches, or snapping wedding pictures. Oddly enough, while one might assume this child rearing would eventually become a joint effort, the duties always manage to fall squarely on the shoulders of yours truly.

Yes, during Jenni’s annual hiatus from reality, I am forced into the roles of father figure, friend, and rule enforcer. While these are not positions that I take lightly, it is more important to stress that they are also positions I would rather not take at all.

“Jason, go get Lillie a new Playdoh set.”

“Jason, Lola is screaming. Make her stop.”

“Jason, I’m going to be gone for the afternoon… Teach Lillie how to read.”

These are just a few of the most recent instructions that I have received in regards to single-handedly raising my sister’s children. But however dreadful these tasks may be, I must admit that I would be lying if I tried to give the impression that there was no upside to these obligations. My time spent nurturing Lillie’s growth has undoubtedly led me to become her family member of preference, and while Lola can’t quite say it yet, I know she would agree. In the meantime, it would be nice if their mother would lend an occasional helping hand.

I must be the favorite if she picked me for twin day…

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