First, I want to apologize for the horrible photos in the post. By the time I got over to Jamie's last night it was dusk so it was nearly impossible to get any good shots. We tried to shine one of the industrial worklamps they have there in the room but it really just ended up casting some weird shadows.  Also, I think this project would be better suited for a nursery but as Jamie is trying to save up her money to finish off accessorizing the main rooms downstairs we thought it would be a nice temporary fix to her guest bedroom. We used paint she already had (Benjamin Moore's Alexadria Beige) to paint the branch and then used one roll of crepe paper (for $1.99) to make the flowers.  You can view our crepe paper flower tutorial here.

I had intended on making this post a tutorial but decided not to because the photos didn't come out as planned.  Basically what I did was draw the branch in pencil on the wall and then outlined it with paint.  Then I filled in the rest of the branch, adding a few nobs and bumps to make it look a bit more natural.  Lastly, we attached the crepe flowers to the ends of most of the branches with puddy.  We are thinking about going back and adding some flowers along a few of the branches and possibly throwing in a couple of smaller blooms.  This would be a quick, easy, and incredibly cheap way to add a whimsical touch to a nursery or little girl's room.

Hope you all have a great fourth of July weekend!


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