I normally just take pictures of my family so I never have any reason to be nervous about them. A week or so ago, though, I took some photos for my cousin, Michael and his beautiful bride, Dani. It POURED the day of their wedding so they didn't many photos of the two of them that they were happy with. When Dani asked me a few months ago if I could take some of them when I was up here in New Hampshire this summer I got quite excited. That was until it was time to do it - I was so nervous all day. They were going to all the trouble of cleaning up the old Model T and Dani was getting her hair done and wearing her wedding gown. All of the sudden I got completely nervous that they had gone to all of this trouble and what if I messed up and didn't get any shots or they were all blurry or didn't get the lighting right.  In the end it was so much fun. They were so easy to take photos of. I am so jealous of how comfortable Dani was in front of the camera. She looked so beautiful. And Michael was such a good sport and put the hat on for us for a few shots. (We tried to get him to put on some suspenders too but couldn't come up with a good enough bribe to convince him it was worth it).

Anyway, here are some of the shots:


I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


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