I hope you all have had a lovely week. It has been a busy one here as we have been busy working away on our new website which we plan on launching September 1st.  Jason has been knee-deep working in HTML and CSS and he also just added a twitter page for us (@dearlillie). You can find a link for it on the top right side of this page or you can just click here.  I am not still entirely sure how twitter works so it may take a little while before I figure out how to properly use it, but he has convinced me to give it a try.  We also moved the link to our facebook page from the navigation bar at the top to the button list in our top right corner.

I have two tutorials done up for projects we did in Jamie and Josh's great room, one for the silhouette pillows and one for the burlap vases. I will show you the burlap vase one today. This was Jamie's idea; she made some of these for her den a while ago and then we made a few more for her great room last week. I have always had a particular weakness for are vases but unfortunately, they can be rather expensive. This project, though, was incredibly easy and super cheap. It only took about ten to twenty minutes and I think cost less than two dollars per vase. 

To view all of our tutorials, please visit our new tutorials page!

 1) First cut as many strips of burlap as you plan on doing vases. 
I cut quite a few to play around with. Mine were about 4 inches tall and maybe about 18 inches long to start with (although I trimmed down the length once I was done).

2) Using a sharpie write whatever you want on them. 
A simple number that has meaning works or a monogram. 
If you are patient go over the sharpie with black paint. It will make it pop a bit more.  I always say I am going to do that but never get around to it. Maybe someday....

3) Now trim it down to the right size for your vase and tape it around your vase .
(You will remove the tape in a minute). In this picture I put the tape a bit higher than I meant to. You will want to put it lower so that once you tie the string on it you can easily remove the tape.  Also, they always have basic cylinder-type vases at the dollar store or a craft store that work well for this type of project and help make it very inexpensive!

4) Now get out some string, twine, yarn, thread or whatever you have on hand. 
We used a very thin tan colored yarn.

5) Now tie your string around the top and bottom of the burlap and remove the tape.

6) If you tie it in the back you can trim the extra string as shown above or you can tie it in a bow as seen below.

And there you have it! Here we did one for my mom and dad's mantel and put it on an old jug.

And we did this vase for Jamie's house.

It also works great for candle holders as well!

And here are a few pictures of Lola and I that Jamie took of us at the farm stand yesterday.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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