Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week. We have been busy working away here. Last night Jamie and I worked on a project we are doing on her guest bedroom wall above the bed. It is almost finished so I am hoping to show it to you all with a tutorial either Friday or Monday.  My mom and I have also been working on the mantel here and doing a little tweaking at Jamie's, both of which I hope to photograph in the next day or two. And then we are about half-way done with an art project for Jamie's powder room. And once those projects are done I have about 20 more to get started on, including several for Jamie's 25th birthday party. 

Jason has also been busy working away. One of his first projects was to start cleaning up the blog a bit (mainly the sidebar) and making it easier to navigate and find things. He added several new pages including a page that has links to all of our tutorials and a page that shows each of the rooms in our home as well as where we got different pieces that we have received e-mails about. I tried to make sure to include everything that we have been asked about more than once but may have forgotten a few things. We hope that will make it easier trying to find things like paint colors. I know it can be such a pain digging through a bunch of old posts trying to find that kind of information. The only page that we haven't finished is the frequently asked questions page which we will try to finish soon. You can find the buttons to all of these pages up top under our blog header!

We are having so much fun up here at my parents. Tonight Jake and Jason brought Lillie to her first movie! I think she felt like quite the grown-up. I had planned on taking a photo as they headed out the door but there was so much going on I forgot. Oh well.  She also had a sleepover at Jamie and Dutch's over the weekend.  I didn't get any photos of that either. =( I can't believe how grown up she is getting. Because I hate to have a post without any pictures, though, I thought I would include a shot of Lillie as she was headed out to Sweet Frog with Dana last week.

I hope you all like the new pages and buttons! Have a great rest of the week. Hopefully we will be back Friday with a tutorial for a project that we did for free!


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