Lillian covered in dirt.

We made it! We have officially arrived on Moose Mountain. Lillie is in heaven, and it has been such a blessing to have so much help caring for Lola! Thank you all for your prayers. Although she had a bit of a setback Saturday she has finally started to show some real improvement!

Jason wasn't joking when he called my parent's property a virtual wildlife preserve in his last post. Lillie has already gotten to see so many animals. The first morning we were here she saw a deer jump over some turkeys and has enjoyed very animatedly telling everyone about it. My dad got her her very own pair of binoculars and she loves sitting out on the front porch and watching for pretty much any creature that ventures across the lawn or fields below.

 Using her new binoculars

Lola has also enjoyed a lot of time on the porch with Papa (and Mimi too)
And no, she doesn't have a mohawk. Her hair is just really dirty in this picture. =)

We are starting to settle down into a bit of a routine so this week we will hopefully be working on quite a few projects both here at my parent's and at my sister and her husband's house as well. I can't wait to show you Jamie's home office (I am so incredibly jealous - wait until you see it!) and we have quite a few tutorials that I hope we will get to start sharing later this week as long as I can stay on track.  I was able to get my camera fixed, and I purchased a new lens to replace my old one--we had a little accident at the beach involving some soda that put my camera out of commission for a few weeks =). Now that I have my camera working again I plan on showing you all our newest tutu named after Lorelei, some gorgeous shoes that Jessica from Joyfolie sent us, and some adorable hoodies from Amy of Evy's Tree. Of course, now I just have to get the girls to cooperate. As you can see from the photos, Lillie is covered in dirt from head to toe thanks to her love of the great outdoors, and that doesn't exactly go so well with photographing tutus, fancy shoes, or lacey pink hoodies!

I hope you have a wonderful week! Hopefully I will be back in a day or two with a tutorial or at least some photos of Jamie's house!


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