Cottage Living magazine.......such a great source of beautifully simple inspiration.  Unfortunately, it no longer exists.  When my copy would come in the mail, I would cancel everything for the evening, put on my big ol' do-not-disturb me pajamas, fill a big bowl full of chocolate chips and drool over every page of the magazine for I know how to have a good time, or what?!  Luckily, I saved all my copies and continue to look through them when I need to feel inspired.  When we bought our home, I was disappointed that there wasn't a fireplace and mantel.  So I tried to come up with something that would be just as good or maybe even better.  I was thrilled to come across this photo in an issue of the magazine.
(Image via Cottage Living)
I couldn't think of anything more perfect than this ledge to display treasured family photos but also something that could function as a mantel whenever I wanted to change things up.  So, of course, I had to build my own version.
I spent $45 to build this myself, much cheaper than purchasing something similar already made at a home store.  All that is needed is a couple of pine boards and a piece of crown molding and lattice trim, as well as, white paint.  The most costly part of the project was the hooks, which were $3.62 each and I needed 5 of them. You could always buy less expensive hooks to cut the cost a little.
We hung it in our entry/sitting area.  The red stripe pillow is from Pottery Barn and the other pillow I made from a burlap coffee bean sack.  I took an extra piece of it and wrapped the pot of the plant on the ledge to soften it up a bit.  The metal F (for Family) was found by my hubby on one of his picking trips, along with the antique lantern/candle holder.  A coat of spray paint made it as good as new.  The camera is an antique and the little red bowl is from Anthropologie.  The frames were purchased at Wal-Mart.  Has anyone else been inspired by Cottage Living magazine?


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