After a rough day yesterday, I decided to go look through some local flea markets and came across this adorable vintage metal can. Isn't it cute? I love it! It's an old vegetable shortening can! Well, since I love to bake, I couldn't think of anything more fitting, so, I had to get it, right?! I filled her up with these gorgeous, snow white variety of stock I picked up at the grocery store. They immediately made me smile. Simple, pretty and cheerful.
They're going on my kitchen counter which just happens to be getting a mini-makeover. Since I have so much lovely barn wood to work with, I am building a rustic, farmhouse style center work table for my kitchen. Check back for that, and I promise I will do step by step pics for a tutorial should anyone ever want to build one as well. Happy day!
Sorry for the slightly crooked photos!


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