Hello everyone! I am so excited to have the fabulous Anne Lorys of Fiona and Twig here to guest post today. I started reading her blog last summer and have been addicted ever since. Not only does she take stunning photographs but her writing is beautiful and oh so witty.  Her blog was recently featured in Romantic Homes and her photography was in the most recent issue of Romantic Country. I hope you will enjoy her post and then head on over and visit her blog - you will become addicted too!

Hello, Dear Lillie Readers!

I was so honored when sweet Jennifer asked me to do
a guest post for her, as I have been a huge fan of lovely Jen and her
inspiring blog for quite some time now.

I'm sharing a post that I did this past Summer, which addresses
many of the pressures we gals tend to place on ourselves.
It seemed to strike a chord with my readers then,
and I hope it does with you, too.


My blog isn't as pretty
as hers is

I don't have as many followers
as she does

My house isn't as ( clean, fancy, fabulous )
as hers is

My kids aren't as cute
as hers are

I don't have it all together
like she does

I haven't been published
like she has

I don't get as many comments
as she does

I haven't been to ( Paris, Italy, Hawaii )
like she has

I can't ( sew, paint, write, photograph, craft ) as well
as she can.

I'm not as good

I am lacking

I'm not enough.

And to that, I say....


I see and sense this all the time in blogging,
and I know that I've felt it on occasion myself.

The truth is

No one else out there can be you as well as you!

You are special and one-of-a-kind
and blogging is so much richer having you as a part of it.

We can't all be Martha
or The Pioneer Woman...

but do we really want to be?
How much fun would that be, hmmm?

Be yourself.

Embrace it!

And know that you have one cheerleader

right here
no matter what !

You are enough.


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