Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. It has been a long couple of weeks here. I thought I would just try to pop in quickly, though, and give you all a quick update on Lorelei. The good news is we got the pathology report back and the tissue they removed was benign! YAY!!! The bad news is she has not been doing so well since her surgery. We still aren't sure if it is related to the surgery or not. We have been back and forth to the doctor's, emergency room and have even had another overnight hospital stay. She hasn't been gaining weight (in fact she has even lost an ounce since last week), and the poor thing has been through so many tests and has had her blood drawn several times and been hooked up to an IV. I don't want any of you panicking - it is not anything life-threatening, and in fact today was the first day she finally has shown some improvements so we hope the new medicine they started her on yesterday is helping. I will try to give you all another update soon but it has been extremely hard to get on the computer these past few weeks.

Also, I am about two months behind on e-mails. I had planned on spending the first two or three weeks after Lola was born not worrying about anything Dear Lillie related but then planned on diving in to catch up on e-mails and blog posts and tutorials. Well, needless to say, that hasn't been possible. Even with our shop closed and not doing many blog posts we still receive quite a lot of mail with questions and I don't want you all thinking that I am being rude or don't care. Unfortunately, it has been nearly impossible trying to find time to take a shower most days never mind write e-mails. Please know though, they are all saved in our inbox and eventually, once we get Lorelei better, we will start getting to work on them so I promise you will all get a response, I just don't know when it will be.

I do have some plans for some tutorials including some photo editing ones as we have been getting quite a few requests for those. I am not sure when I will get to those but I hope to have a few more guest posters over the next few weeks and then hopefully we will have Lorelei nice and healthy and life can return to normal here!

Thank you all so much for your prayers!

P.S. If you left a comment last week and are wondering why it is gone, don't worry, we didn't delete it.  Blogger ate a whole bunch of comments last week while it was down at the end of last week, but have said that they will eventually be restored.


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